Sponsored Research Program

Sponsored Research Program

The Collaborative attempts to identify opportunities to study the various relationships in higher education that may lead to better academic performance for the individual or the institution.

Such topics may include:

  • The impact of the physical space on student success, i.e., Where People Learn
  • Reliability and validity studies of accreditation and certification standards, criteria, process and procedures
  • The effect of student loan debt on student success
  • How learning styles and intelligence styles impact academic success
  • The relationship between federal education regulation and cost of college
  • Do Pell Grant recipients have a different success rate than non-Pell funded students?
  • Does secondary school performance influence success in post-secondary education?
  • Other topics that if studied may help identify positive and/or adverse impacts on student and institutional success

If there is a question that bears researching, please help us identify them and submit them to our Research Committee at contact@arcope.org. We will take it under advisement. Please indicate "Research Proposal" in your subject line. ARCOPE Research is funded through private and corporate sponsorships and grants.

Once evaluated, and if appropriate, ARCOPE would make such studies available to policy makers and key legislative and regulatory agencies and the public at large so that such information may be helpful in their deliberations in setting sound, and balanced education deliberations.

ARCOPE also intends to review and opine regarding existing research and its relevance to our organizational mission.

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