Charitable Gifts, Sponsorships and Donations Program

Charitable Gifts, Sponsorships and Donations Program

The Collaborative seeks charitable contributions from individuals and entities that are like minded in the search to identify ways to improve higher education outcomes of individuals and institutions. 

Funds received, if not dedicated to a purpose [i.e., scholarships or research] will go to the ARCOPE General Fund and be allocated to the scholarly and academic pursuits outlined in our mission.

Regarding scholarships and our allocation of monies received from donors, our long term goal is to distribute 85-to-90-percent of such funds, with that number increasing as our endowment grows.

For scholarship funds that may become available, we believe that supporting educational pursuits that lead to employment deserve a higher priority than purely academic degrees. And, if ARCOPE can assist a student with learning a skill and at the same time assist an institution in meeting its federal 90/10 obligation to the U.S. Department of Education, that combination of needs is a priority within our mission to serve higher education.

Research and scholarship are our two main avenues of our belief in impacting the factors that influence improving higher education. With this said, we are seeking financial and in-kind donations that will allow us to achieve this purpose.

We also wish to advise you that the ARCOPE Board is aware that there are various state statutes and regulations requiring the Corporation to register for fundraising purposes. ARCOPE has received approval from the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. It is now the intent of the Collaborative to properly register in jurisdictions to conduct broader fundraising activities where it is required. However, we continue to raise funds through family, friends and others personally known by the Board or acquainted through professional relationships as our mission resonates with those who feel strongly about student success and positive academic progress.

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