Data V Program

Data V Program

In the interest of evaluating the efficacy of career training and researching educational effectiveness of career and vocationally oriented programs, the collaborative has developed the Data V program.

The Data V program is a service that schools and colleges may utilize to test the accuracy and veracity of their outcomes measures by an independent third party. The Collaborative has no financial or ownership interest in any school, and as a non-profit we can maintain this arms-length relationship to ensure a credible evaluation of data.

One caveat that a school or college using the Data V program requires is that the institution permits the Collaborative to analyze the data sets outside of the entity to see if other trends or circumstances exist that may provide insight to the effectiveness of proprietary higher education.

The cost of the program is reasonable and proceeds beyond the direct cost of providing the services go to supporting scholarships, grants and research in higher education.

Interested parties in utilizing the Data V program are encouraged to contact the research staff for information regarding fees and parameters of how the service works.

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